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As you may know, the Salt Flats of Uyuni are vast, wide, open ranges of nothing but salt. But what if you find yourself deep in the Salt Flats and have lost your way? While you’re lost, it becomes nighttime. What then? Well, chances are... you’re stuck and have no way of finding civilization ever again. (Just kidding).

If you’re lucky, you may stumble upon some of the most interesting hotels in the world. Not only are they hotels where you can spend the night and ask people which way the nearest town or city is, but they are also made of salt! Now, you may be asking, ”Why are they made of salt?” If so, look around you and ask yourself, ”What is the only building material available here for miles around?”

Yes indeed, using the nearly endless supply of salt, a couple of different hotels have been made entirely out of salt bricks. These hotels are often quite elegant and fancy. Tourists find them intriguing.

One of these hotels is El Palacio de Sal which stands for the Palace of Salt. That’s not the only one, though. Another one is the Luna Salada which is a similar hotel also made of salt but with a spa. It's equally beautiful, and there are several more. The Uyuni Salt Desert is one of Bolivia's top tourist destinations.

My favorite part about these hotels is the fact that if I want salt on my food, all I need to do is scrape a little off the walls! I would recommend these hotels if you have a hungry goat. Seriously, pretty much the entire place is a giant salt lick.

Jokes aside, these hotels really blend in with their natural surroundings and while simple, are very beautiful.


Submitted 2016-07-06

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