The Nicest Fruit Milkshakes in Sucre

(Sucre, Bolivia)

Many tourists wouldn't dream of eating something in one of Bolivia's local markets but there's one little fruit stand in Sucre, Bolivia you'll not want to miss. Nothing like a cold frothy milkshake for breakfast, during the hot afternoon, or in the evening (before the market closes at 6:30) after a lot of walking around seeing the city sites.

Jamie (pronounced Jay-mee, just like we do in English) has delicious fresh fruit: like strawberries, bananas, pineapple, kiwi and gigantic chirimoyas. You can also try something really different and have a "tumbo" milkshake. They're all made with milk, not water, and just the right touch of sugar (most people make them too sweet). They're blended to cool, frothy perfection and served with a smile.

Look for the entrance that has the Chocolates Taboada sign above a light blue metal roll-up door. That's where you'll want to enter the Sucre Market to find Jamie, Maker-of-Milkshakes Extraordinaire. Walk up to the top of the steps (see the photo above) and she's the first fruit milkshake stand to your left. Her mom's there in the mornings and Jamie works the stand in the afternoon. It's healthy! Enjoy!

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