The Joyride Cafe in Sucre Bolivia: Yum!

(Sucre, Bolivia)

just across from the cathedral - primo!

just across from the cathedral - primo!

just across from the cathedral - primo!
downstairs dining/bar/disco area k-k-k-k-k
upstairs patio seating area
super hearty yummala!!! soup

Joyride knows tourists: what tourists want, like and need. That's probably why what began as a café has expanded to include a clothing store and a travel agency as well, all conveniently in a row at a prime location, right on the corner of Sucre's central plaza, and directly across the street from the cathedral.

The Joyride Café was initially established by Dutch owners, we were told, but now belongs to Lorenzo Rauco, who is from Italy. Joyride is very popular among tourists, and foreigners who live in Sucre. This was clearly evident during the time we had lunch there, and later as we attended a meeting at their travel agency. The flow of tourists in and out is continuous.

Their motto now is NO SOLO PARA GRINGOS (not only for gringos) and you can see this on their t-shirts, maps, menues, etc. Apparently, they are so popular among foreigners they just want to make sure everyone else knows they're invited. We thought that was pretty darn cute.

Joyride offers a very casual atmosphere, with an almost irreverent mix and match of paper lanterns, t-shirts, rock posters, newspaper articles covering Joyride's many outdoor activities, and other art all over the walls. There's even a disco ball on the ceiling. It's one of those "come on in and hang around for a while" places that make you feel welcome right way.

That's not say it's informal or messy. The place is spic and span, the service is friendly, fast and efficient and the food was very good. Joyride has a downstairs dining room with a mezzanine eating area, and an outdoor patio upstairs. It also has a full bar, and offers free WIFI internet. Joyride makes wicked hearty soup just perfect for a cold day and has a too-generous children's menu (the Superman kid's double cheeseburger with ginormous French fries could fill, well... Superman.)

One touch we REALLY liked: you'll find a free map and city guide at each table, complete with tours offered, and a listing of all the major attractions in Sucre and the surrounding areas.

What else is super cool: they show movies at 7:00 p.m. every night. And that disco ball I mentioned? The café turns into a late night disco/bar/lounge. The Joyride Café serves food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bar and everything in between) from 7:30 a.m. to midnight on weekdays and from 9:00 a.m. to midnight on weekends.

We give it two thumbs up. Joyride is a great place to chill out or party til you break a sweat.

Joyride Café
Calle Nicolás Ortiz No. 2
Sucre, Bolivia
Phone: (591-4) 645-645-7603 or 691-2806
Email: or

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