The Bewitching Blue Morpho Butterfly: Bolivia for Kids

by Kricket

Hello and welcome again. Lately I haven't been blogging since I've been on spring break, but now I'm back. So to kick off we're going to talk about the Blue Morpho Butterfly.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly has bright blue wings with black edges surrounding it. These butterflies are around the largest in the world with wings spanning up to eight inches. The reason to its color is because of the tiny scales on its wings that shine off the sun. The underside of its wings are a light greyish brown for camouflage. Its diet changes according to the stages of its life. When a caterpillar, it eats many types of leaves preferably in the pea family. Once it becomes a butterfly it loses its ability to chew and rather drinks all its food with a large tongue.

Here's a cool video about the blue morpho:

The Blue Morpho is strongly endangered because its beautiful wings attract artists and collectors and dwindle its amounts. They fly very quickly among the trees and live in regions from Africa to South America, past Bolivia and up to Colombia. If you plan to see this beauty you might want to try the Guembe Butterfly sanctuary where you may be able to see this beautiful creature.

So thanks for reading today's blog. What butterfly do you think is the most beautiful?

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Submitted 2015-04-21

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