The Balconies of Sucre

by Stephen Nagy
(Sucre, Bolivia)

In Sucre, it seems there is not a building without a few balconies. Besides adding to the beauty of a building on the outside, it enhances the home from within much more so than just a window. Adorn it with flowers or plants or just use it as an extension into your neighborhood, a breath of fresh air, a vantage point in which to see what is going on around you and yes, it can be ever so romantic as in Romeo and Juliette.

Most of the balconies have some pretty impressive doors and windows made of wood and glass to allow for light and viewing. One can just walk around and admire the different styles and artistic design. Because so many homes are above store fronts below, and even though enclosed patios and gardens are within many buildings, it seems a balcony gives you access to the world in a private kind of way.

I will always try to live with at least one balcony in my home as my morning coffee and a view of the day seems to be such a very nice part of my life and besides, what better way to view the frequent firework displays at night or just the city lights and the bustle of life below. In the middle of the city and all the sprawl around, balconies are a part of what makes this city so beautiful.

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