Taking the stress out of your military relocation

by Heather Markel
(Culture Transition Coach)

Are you about to embark on a PCS move, or have you recently done so?

Moving, in general, is a big and annoying process! You have to uproot yourself, your belongings, and basically start your life all over again. The hardest part about doing this is making new friends. You miss everyone back home, you’re tired, you’re busy or bored depending on whether you PCS-ed or you’re following a loved one, and then there’s the fact that you’re in the middle of two worlds. Outside the base you may confront different languages, different cultures, and a whole new world you don’t know how to break into.

Here's How to Overcome the Challenge of Making New Friends After Your Military Relocation!

As a member of the Armed Forces, you may find yourself feeling isolated and overwhelmed when it comes to starting a new social network. If you're feeling overwhelmed, alone, and frustrated when it comes to making friends, you're not alone! Making new friends is the number 1 challenge after relocating.

That's why I designed the Social Success Method eBook, Armed Forces Edition. It's a part of the overall Relocation Success System I've designed for expatriates worldwide.

It will help you learn invaluable techniques and resources to make new friends, create a social network from scratch, and be able to track your accomplishments with the included action guide.

To learn more about the The Social Success Method - Armed Forces Edition click here.

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