Small Town Bolivia?

by Wade K.
(Tennessee, USA)

I've read a number of blogs and websites about Samaipata, Coroico, and Sorata. They seem to offer an interesting alternative to the more well known bigger cities. I'm curious if there are other small places that are equally interesting that I haven't run across yet. Emphasis would be on a reasonable distance from a bigger city with good amenities, which would eliminate Tupiza for me, although it has enough on it's own to be considered. The expat population in Samaipata sounds very interesting. And while they all have beautiful settings, Coroico's location looks amazing. I really like Sucre, but the lure of a small, but fun place has me thinking.

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Jun 01, 2014
I want to buy finca outside a small town near a national park
by: daniel

I was thinking of being near samaipata and hence the Amboro National Park. WOuld anyone know approximately how much I could buy a 5 Hectare terreno for? I imagine I would be able to find a local guy to help me in the garden and show me some indigenous farming methods too. Does that sound realistic? Muchas gracias, Daniel.

Jan 13, 2013
Hi Tara
by: Wade K.

Good questions, I should have been clearer. I was just contemplating whether I'd enjoy living in a much smaller place. It's tempting as long as I'd have good Internet and satellite tv. I've read some in Samaipata have DirecTV from Argentina and that 3G Internet is now available there. I've also read that during the rain season roads between there and Santa Cruz can become impassable. Coroico looks great but not sure I'd want to deal with the altitude of La Paz when I want to go to town. I think I'll stick with Sucre, just seems the lifestyle there is what I'm looking for. But any info about some unique place would be greatly appreciated.

Jan 12, 2013
To visit or to reside?
by: Tara

Are you planning on living in a small town, or just visiting? What is your definition of amenities? Do you want to stay in the more mountainous western part of Bolivia, or would you consider the jungle of eastern Bolivia?

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