Santa Cruz Bolivia State Policy on Environmental Education

by Autonomous State Government
(Santa Cruz Bolivia)

1.INTRODUCTION: It is becoming more and more worrisome to see that the natural resources and environment of the State of Santa Cruz are being severely deteriorated as a consequence of inadequate production practices and human conduct, accented by insufficient or non-existent environmental awareness. Currently, various governmental and non-governmental institutions include environmental education in their activities; however, they do so as part of unilateral and isolated activities and/or projects due to the lack of a policy that provides guidelines for developing education in a coordinated and systematic manner while providing the structure and tools needed so that all efforts made can achieve optimal results.

This has led the Autonomous State Government of Santa Cruz, as the competent environmental authority, to issue the following state public policy in an effort to construct a solid and participative environmental education process to accompany development and preserve quality of life by conserving the environment.

2.OBJETIVE OF THE POLICY: The objective of this policy is to promote state environmental education, incorporating the various institutional initiatives under defined strategies and guidelines- this should serve as a basis for integrating the various levels of the formal and informal education systems in an effort to change attitudes and behaviors among producers, service lenders and society as a whole with a focus on sustainability and respect for nature.

3.VISION: Citizens who are aware of, and committed to, their environment and who carry out their activities in harmony with the principles of Sustainable Development and environmental care, as a result of Environmental Education that has become a crosscutting and essential tool throughout all formal and informal levels of education.

4.MISSION: The Autonomous State Government of Santa Cruz will develop environmental education plans, programs, projects and strategies to facility and guide the actions of public and private entities in this state, and to promote a new environmental culture to accompany productive development, contribute to improving quality of life, and increase respect among the general population for the environment and natural resources.

For more information:
Secretaria de Desarrollo Sostenible y Medio Ambiente
(Secretary of Sustainable Development and the Environment)
Tel. (591-3) 363-6353

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