Renewing a New Zealand passport in Bolivia - visas

by Jade
(Santa Cruz, BOLIVIA )

Okay I am after a bit of advice. I am living in Bolivia, I have a job and I am waiting for some final paperwork to come through for my visa. I need to renew my passport as I didn't have anytime before I left, it was a last minute decision. Being from New Zealand I can renew my passport all online and get it sent here, the tricky part is the visas. The passport number changes with each passport renewal, so all my paper work will be different. I spoke with the lawyer and he said I essentially have to leave and reapply for my OBJECTO DETERMINADO and start again. Now he isn't the best source of knowledge because I am the first New Zealander they have had at the school. But is there anyone who can let me know about this, if you have had the same experiance here in Bolivia being a kiwi and renewing passports and visas.


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