Questions about timing and the tourist visa for Americans

by Aaron

Hi I have a tourist visa and have already used once a month ago. I'm confused about a couple things...

Do I only have three periods of 90 days to use one time a year or, for example, can I go to Bolivia two separate times within the same year? I've heard that you can only enter Bolivia once a year but it doesn't say anything on the embassy website.

Furthermore, after I've used the visa three times is it possible to apply for a new visa even if five years haven't elapsed yet?


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Feb 18, 2011
tourist visa versus residency visa
by: Anonymous

If you are American and you have a 5-year tourist visa, you have a maximum total of 90 days in-country per year (each year) for 5 years.

You can enter the country more than once during the year as long as all three stays in Bolivia don't total more than 90 days in one year.

The year is counted as a 365-day period beginning on the first date you entered, not a calendar year.

If you plan to stay longer than 90 days within one 365-day period, you have to enter the country on a visa de objeto determinado, not a tourist visa, and you'll need to apply for residency.

You have to use up your current 5-year tourist visa before you can apply for another 5-year tourist visa.

If at any time you decide to apply for residency, then you would have to request a visa de objeto determinado to enter the country and your tourist visa would no longer be valid, even if there is time left on it.

The visa de objeto determinado only gives you 30 days. You have to complete your residency application within the first 30 days you are in the country.

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