Question: Parcel senting to bolivia, contain cleanser for face!

by Pan

Bella My sister send me a parcel which contain face clean. The pacel is hold up by the Custom in La Paz now, but i'm in Sucre. The post office ask me to get the Ceritificate from Health Department in Bolivia. The office give me an agent tel# , who may help me to do the doc. However, the agent seem not really working my case, every time I call, he just keep telling me call me back, but he didn't, and i call again, he just keep saying call back tomorrow. I'm very frustrating of this issue. And i'm thinkng do on my own, but the post officer said, i need to use the agent to do that.

Pls Bella, if you know and could help me to get some advise of this issue. What i need to do get this parcel. As i cannot speak spanish and hard to find a person to help me this issue. Thanks.


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Aug 10, 2010
no answer from them
by: BoliviaBella

Hi Pan, no I haven't received an answer from them either. Do you have any Spanish-speaking friends who could make a phone call for you to find out?

Aug 09, 2010
customs broker could speak english?
by: Pan

Hi Bella
Thanks for your fast reply on my issue
i have send the email to the customs broker from the list you give me and still waiting there reply
in the meantime, do you receive any response from chamber which they could recommonder some broker in la pax could speak english so i could contact with
Thank a lot of your help

Aug 06, 2010
customs agents in la paz bolivia
by: BoliviaBella

Hi Pan. That's really unfortunate. Since I am in Santa Cruz I think the best thing you can do is contact a customs dispatch agent (customs clearance agent) in La Paz.

There is a Chamber of Customs Agents in La Paz and here is the full list of their members.

I wrote to the chamber requesting they advise me if one of their member agents speaks English. Since tomorrow is a holiday it's unlikely anyone will answer until next week.

However in the mean time, you might want to just write to each of the emails on that list (in English) and see if any of them answer you (if they do, it's because they understood your English email) and forget about the useless agent who isn't doing his job.

Or you can email them this message in Spanish if you like (just copy and paste it and send it to each email on the list):

Estimados Señores, busco un despachante de aduana en La Paz que hable inglés. Si su empresa tiene algún funcionario que pueda ayudarme en inglés a liberar un paquete que actualmente está en aduanas de La Paz, favor de comunicarse con este email (insert your email address here).

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