Possibly Moving to Bolivia From Australia and Need Opinions

by Alby

hola mi esposa es colombiana y yo soy finlandez. We are looking at options whether to live again in Bogota, Colombia or Bolivia. Just interested to hear different views from different walks of life.
En este momento nosotros vivimos en Australia.

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Oct 05, 2011
Alby please contact me on selvaley@gmail.com
by: silver

Alby please contact me on selvaley@gmail.com, tambien yo y mi esposa tenemos lo mismo objetivo viajar a Bolivia desde Aus

Apr 25, 2011
Bolivia vs. Bogotá
by: Sarah

I've spent a lot of time in Colombia, including Bogotá. I now live in La Paz and am not really familiar with other parts of Bolivia yet, so it would depend on where in Bolivia you are considering.

La Paz is fascinating, with amazing geography and great excursions close by to explore, but it is tiny in comparison to Bogotá, which has advantages (e.g. easier to get to know, more walkable) and disadvantages (e.g. less theater and classical concerts), depending on your taste. It is also more than a kilometer higher than Bogotá in elevation, which is a significant difference and worth considering if you have any health considerations or aversions to walking/driving up hills. They are generally comparable in terms of available amenities and range/quality of housing available, although I believe Bolivia is more affordable, at list at the low/mid range, and certainly in terms of food, etc.

I would also advise you to consider the value of going to a place where your wife has something of an insider advantage (although, depending on how long she's been gone, the changes might be challenging in themselves in Colombia) as opposed to a place where you are both new and foreign. Depending on your personalities and relationship styles, this could be a significant factor.


Apr 13, 2011
living in Bolivia
by: Barry Cressman

depending where in Australia you are may find quite the culture shock in Bolivia. I myself am interested in moving to magdalena, beni but do understand that much creature comforts we know either don't exist or are too expensive to use. mind your life in bolivia is getting better I need some of you rural areas are modernizing a bit. Su espouse es Colombiania, have you been there with her. I thoroughly enjoyed it laid back lifestyle in bolivia. and look forward to this keeping the rat race that is in america you never had a chance to slow down

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