Pizzeria Napolitana in Sucre, Bolivia - Eat Dessert First!

by BoliviaBella.com
(Sucre, Bolivia)

Pizzeria Napolitana is a small Italian food and pizza restaurant right on the main plaza in Sucre and one of the first places we ate during our trip. Normally I like to try all the local, typical, ethnic foods when I travel but when you're with a seven-year old... sometimes you have to do things they enjoy too so on this occasion... pizza it was. I noted while we were there, that I wasn't the only tourist mom with kids. A frazzled-looking mom of two was speaking French to her kids at the neighboring table. It was there... it was nearby... it was pretty good pizza.

Pizzeria Napolitana is not very large, with three tables on the ground floor and just two above on a mezzanine, but it's well-located, open long hours, and has very friendly service. It also has a bar area and two TVs, which were much appreciated given that I'd chosen to travel right in the middle of the Copa America (what was I thinking?!)

When you're having fun on a trip with a kid you do things you normally wouldn't do at home. So we started with dessert. We were served a really big bowl of fruit salad with ice cream! It had just the right amount of fruit and just the right amount of ice cream. After polishing that off, the 4-piece plate-sized personal pizza we ordered was just enough for two.

The owner, an older woman who never moved from her seat behind the bar, was friendly and smiled a lot at us as we ate. I couldn't help noticing this five-table, five-barstool restaurant had three waiters. It had your typical low-lighted Italian restaurant-ish decor. The prices were pretty feasible. Our total for two: just Bs. 69 (about $10.00 dollars).

Pizzeria Restaurante Napolitana
Plaza 25 de Mayo No. 30
Sucre, Bolivia
Phone: 591-4-645-1934
Email: pizzerianapolitana@gmail.com

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