Parcel contain Cleanser for face

by Pan

Bella My sister send me a parcel which contain face clean The pacel is hold up by the Custom in La Paz now, but i'm in Sucre The post office ask me to get the Ceritificate from Health Department in Bolivia The office give me an agent tel# , who may help me to do the doc However, the agent seem not really working my case, every time I call, he just keep telling me call me back, but he didn't, and i call again, he just keep saying call back tomorrow. I'm very frustrating of this issue

And i'm thinkng do on my own, but the post officer said, i need to use the agent to do that.
Pls Bella, if you know and could help me to get some advise of this issue. What i need to do get this parcel. As i cannot speak spanish and hard to find a person to help me this issue. Thanks


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