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by Kricket



Have you ever heard a word from a different language that you thought sounded odd or wasn't in your dictionary of that language? Well, as you might know, Bolivia has numerous official languages including Spanish, Aymara, Quechua, Guarani, and many others... so here on the Bolivia for Kids blog we're going to tell you about 5 words you only hear in Bolivia.


A Bicubicu is a small wooden toy usually of some sort of animal or human attached to two wooden poles. When squeezed, it will twirl around look as if the character is doing exercises. In English it's sometimes called a "flip jack", a "trapeze toy", a "tricky trapeze", or an "acrobat toy".

4. Tibibi

Tibibi is the name of different species of the Scolopacidae family. They travel from the North to South Poles and stop at lagoons and rivers in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In English a tibibi is a sandpiper.

3. Curucusi

Curucusi is an insect. It's scientific name is "Pyrophorus phosphosrescens" (because scientists HAVE to make everything hard to read). They are a type of beetle that is bioluminescent (their bodies glow). In English they are sometimes called fire beetles or click beetles.

2. Popechi

Popechi is a word which means "Polydactyly" (to have an extra finger or toe) *shiver*

1. Jarachi

A strip of cloth used for wrapping the hair.

So that was 5 words you only hear in Bolivia, so I hope you enjoyed and come back next week for another blog. Bye!

Photo credits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandpiper#/media/File:Calidris-alpina-001_edit.jpg



Submitted 2015-9-15

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