Obtaining Bolivian Citizenship - Title V of the Bolivian Constitution

by Bolivia Expat Services
(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

Bolivian Nationality and Citizenship. Title V of the Constitution of the Plurinational State of Bolivia states:

Article 141

I. Bolivian nationality is acquired by birth or naturalization. Bolivians by birth are people (both male and female) born within Bolivian territory except for the daughters and sons of foreign personnel on diplomatic missions; and people (both male and female) born abroad to a Bolivian mother or father.

Article 142

I. Foreigners (both male and female) who have resided in Bolivia legally for over three uninterrupted years under State supervision may acquire Bolivian citizenship by naturalization if they expressly show their willingness to obtain Bolivian nationality and comply with the requirements in the law.

II. The residence time is reduced to two years for foreigners (both male and female) who are in one of the following situations:

01. Who have a Bolivian spouse (male or female), Bolivian sons or daughters or Bolivian foster parents. Foreign citizens (both male and female) who acquire citizenship by marriage with Bolivian citizens (male or female) will not lose said citizenship in case of widowhood or divorce.

02. Who perform military service in Bolivia at the required age and in accordance with the law.

03. Who obtain Bolivian nationality, awarded by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly for their service to the country.

III. The residence time required for the acquisition of Bolivian nationality may be modified when, due to reciprocity, agreements with other states exist. Priority will be given to Latin American nations.

Article 143

I. Bolivians (both male and female) who marry foreign citizens will not lose their Bolivian nationality. Neither can Bolivian nationality be lost by acquiring citizenship in a foreign country.

II. Foreigners (both male and female) who acquire Bolivian nationality will not be forced to renounce their nationality of origin.

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