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I'm traveling to Bolivia in a month. I'm a volunteer at an orphange in CBBA. The work requires me to be there way longer than 90 days. I was told to get an Object Determined visa and then when I'm there, possibly even obtain a residency. Eventually, I'm considering moving there and continuing volunteering/working. I'm not sure how to go about getting this Object Determined visa. I have papers from the orphange that verify my work. I'm a little confused and need help! THANK YOU!

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Jul 08, 2010
Visa de Objeto Determinado is a Specific Purpose Visa
by: BoliviaBella

Hi there. A visa de objeto determinado is a specific purpose visa. In this case 'objeto' means objective (purpose or reason) for moving to Bolivia. This page explains in further detail what the visa de objeto determinado is.

I'm not sure where you are writing from so here's the contact information for the Bolivian Consulate in Washington DC, although there are several others in the United States.

Consulate General of Bolivia in Washington, DC:
4420 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite # 2
Washington, DC 20008
Phone: (202) 232 4827 / (202) 232 4828
Fax: (202) 232 8017

This is their website.
If you click on the TOURIST VISA image at the top right (even though you don't want the tourist visa) it will take you to a page that describes what you need to send them. The list of requirements for the VISA DE OBJETO DETERMINADO is UNDER the tourist visa requirements list so just scroll down on that same page.

For the yellow fever shot you may have to contact your local or state health department. It's not a shot most states have "on hand" since it is for a tropical disease. Here's more on yellow fever and why you need the shot.

Write us back if you're unclear on anything or if you need any more information. If you're coming in one month you may need to work quickly.

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