Noel Kempff National Park in Bolivia

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North Side

ESPAÑOL Noel Kempff National Park on the North Side has a very different landscape from the South Side. Visitors can take trips on the Iténez and Pauserna Rivers and through their bays and lagoons.

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The largest attractions frequented by visitors on this side of the park are the Arcoiris and Ahlfeld waterfalls. And near or around the hiking trails you have to take to get there, there are many more waterfalls.

Other grand attractions are the possibility of seeing freshwater dolphins or giant otters among the many other types of Amazon wildlife native to the area. There are many more birds here than in the South Side even though there is a greater number of bird species in the South Side. The vegetation is also very different than the other side. Accommodations and other services on the North Side are also quite a bit better.

North Side Through Piso Firme

You can also enter the North Side of Noel Kempff National Park through a small town called Piso Firme and other nearby villages. The landscape upon arriving at these towns is notably pleasant with big rivers and evergreen forests.

Accommodations and food in these areas are usually not apt for visitors who are making their way through to the park. There are also swarms of mosquitoes along the river banks.

The reason some visitors choose one of these communities as the point of entry into the North Side's main attractions is to get to know the local people and they often visit one or more towns and spend a day or two on the way to our main destination, the Ahlfeld and Arcoiris waterfalls.

There are marked differences between the communities you can choose for park entry. Another option is the Flor de Oro Lodge. Your choice will depend upon your tour objectives, itinerary, and pricing.

South Side

Here access is almost obligatorily by land and even this depends on the condition of bridges and whether or not there are any fallen trees along the road.

The greatest attraction on this side is the Meseta Caparu (Caparu Plateau) and it is possible to access this area and spend the night on one of many islands of jungle. The El Encanto Waterfall is also a popular spot among visitors.

On this side of Noel Kempff National Park the jungle is more Amazonic than on the North Side. During trips visitors can see the different animal habitats and different types of forests, plains, etc.

Wildlife observation has a lot to do with conditions at any particular moment and depending on the types of fruits mammals are looking for. When you find a concentration of a mammal species it is very probable that the predator of that species will be nearby as well. Great cats are frequently seen here.

Just a few years ago it was even easier to see them, but now they don't show themselves as much any more. Sometimes they do come out onto the road to refresh themselves or follow the trails of visitors and others. Accommodations and cabins in this area are not well cared for at all. It is not easy to make plans for accommodations in this area.

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