Need to apply for residency but travel overseas at the same time. Any advice?

by JO
(santa cruz)

My 2 year residency runs out in November. i would like to go home for Christmas, but i am sure they will not finish with my residencia premanente application in good time. it took a YEAR for me to receive my two year residency! when i finally got it i was half way through it!! so what can i do?? if i ask for my passport back it will only create more "observaciones" and delay. If i leave Bolivia near the end of my 2 year residency and will be away whist my residency runs out, when i return will they consider it still ok to apply for permanent residency on the basis of 90 day rule?? how will i enter Bolivia though stating i am resident although my residency has just finished? please does anybody know---? i am planning to go down to migracion and ask personally, but they gave me wrong info before so..its like you never know until you already in that pickle. Or..can i already apply for permanent residency even though it runs out in november??

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Aug 24, 2013
This is what happened to me
by: Anonymous

The things is that if you have to travel while your passport is being detailed by immigration for the renewal process, you can ask them to return your passport to you and they will, but when you return you have to begin the residency renewal process all over again from zero and you forfeit any amounts you already paid to immigration for the current renewal. So basically, once you started the renewal process, if you paid anything you will lose that money and you'll have to begin all over from the beginning again when you return.

That's what happened to me. I "borrowed" my passport back during a renewal process, thinking that when I returned I would simply bring the passport back to immigration and they would continue the process from where we left off. Unfortunately, that was not the case. It ended up being a huge waste of my time and money.

And you're right to think they probably won't be done in time for Christmas with your current renewal because around Christmas time they also begin to take vacations and stuff.

Boy it's hard to know what to advise you. I might say consider not renewing. Just let it run out, go home for Christmas and then begin the residency application process when you return - but then it would be like you never lived there and you'd probably have to apply for the one-year beginners residency and that would suck.

My comments are probably not helping at all. Just thinking aloud I guess.

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