National Geographic Traveler 2011 List of Best Hotels in Bolivia

National Geographic Traveler recently published its 2011 list of best hotels in Bolivia as part of its annual stay list. While the hotels chosen to grace this year's list are certainly deserving, the magazine, offspring of the organization that is so well-known for the thoroughness of its research, seems to have forgotten to visit the entire Eastern half of the country.

It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "pasar desapercibido".

It's difficult to believe a trip designed to find Bolivia's best hotels wouldn't include a visit to Bolivia's largest city.

Not to mention Bolivia's second largest state.

Or, for that matter, Bolivia's spectacular wine country.

It is perhaps understandable...

For decades there has been little or no promotion of tourism in Eastern Bolivia, despite the many beautiful national parks and reserves, unique historic and architectural sites, wildlife species that can be found nowhere else, and the fact that at least 30 of Bolivia's 36 cultures inhabit the East. Where there is no information there can be no knowledge. Therefore the complete omission of a such an enormous and culture-rich region could be understood.

If it were not for the fact that...

National Geographic's mission is just that: to explore and educate...

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