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The Bolivian national anthem is called the Himno Nacional (national hymn) in Spanish. It was written when Bolivia became independent from Spain during colonial times. You can read more about the History of Bolivia to learn all about that. It was written by José Ignacio Sangines and the music was composed by Benedetto Vincenti. It's pretty long, but very beautiful. This is a 2015 version filmed at the famous Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt desert in the world, which is located in the Bolivian Andes Mountains.

This is the Bolivian anthem in the more original "military march" style. It also has the lyrics translated into English:

The following are the written lyrics of the Bolivian national anthem, in Spanish, of course.

Bolivian National Anthem - Bolivian Emblems and Symbols

Bolivianos, El Hado Propicio

Bolivianos: el hado propicio
coronó nuestros votos y anhelo;
es ya libre, ya libre este suelo,
ya cesó su servil condición.
Al estruendo marcial que ayer fuera
y al clamor de la guerra horroroso
siguen hoy, en contraste armonioso,
dulces himnos de paz y de unión.

Loor eterno a los bravos guerreros,
cuyo heroico valor y firmeza
conquistaron las glorias que empieza
hoy Bolivia feliz a gozar.
Que sus nombres el mármol
y el bronce a remotas edades trasmitan
y en sonoros cantares repitan:
Libertad, libertad, libertad.

Aquí alzó la justicia su trono
que la vil opresión desconoce,
y en su timbre glorioso legose
libertad, libertad, libertad.
Esta tierra inocente y hermosa
que ha debido a Bolívar su nombre
es la patria feliz donde el hombre
goza el bien de la dicha y la paz.

Si extranjero poder alqún día
sojuzgar a Bolivia intentare,
al destino fatal se prepare
que amenaza a soberbio invasor.
Que los hijos del grande Bolívar
han ya mil y mil veces jurado
morir antes que ver humillado
de la patria el augusto pendón.


De la patria el alto nombre
en glorioso esplendor conservemos
y en sus aras de nuevo juremos
¡Morir antes que esclavos vivir!

The last line "Morir antes que esclavos vivir!" means "To die before living as slaves". Bolivians would rather die than be slaves to the Spaniards or anyone else. Anyhow now it's Bolivia's NATIONAL MOTTO.

Bolivia's "almost" 2nd national anthem

Bolivians often say they have a "second" national anthem. That's because the song "Viva mi Patria Bolivia" (long live my Bolivian nation) is so well-loved among Bolivians it is played and sung as often, or more often, than the Bolivian national anthem itself. Bolivians play or sing it any time they are feeling patriotic. Really. Any time and anywhere you can think of, they will break out into song. In the video above, you can hear "Viva mi Patria Bolivia" played on 1000 charangos all at the same time. The charango is a tiny 10-string guitar made from the back of an armadillo. 1000 Bolivian charango players gathered in 2009 from all over the country to play this song together in an effort to set a charango world record. And they did! It's in the Guinness Book of World Records now. It is one of the most emblematic instruments of the Andes region (Bolivia and Peru). Enjoy.

Bolivia Facts | National Emblems | Bolivia for Kids

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