My beautiful Santa Cruz

by Cruceno
(Sevilla España)

In spite of the bad things are happening now in east Bolivia, i know how strong my peolple are, and this dictatorship my people is living now can only make us stronger, is pity see the hatred the president feels toward east people ( Beni, Pando, Santa Cruz, Tarija) and Sucre the city who ceased to believe him and now see his true intentions, Is so clear now that. We pray to make him, the president think better what is he doing, many people is dying there trying to fight for their freedom, he can't take our liberty, he can't take our Freedom of expression, unfairly he put in jail Pando's governor, he sent army to kill Pando's citizen, and when in Beni 3 days ago just because a journalist found a video of Evo's minister in a meeting saying they would kill Pando's Governor, overthrow him and put him in jail till he dies, this minister was encouraging some people from west Bolivia to do this, and this journalist showed this video and cause of that some people came in his house 4 am gag his children, hit him and kidnaped him and 24 hours after the government told news the journalist was in the country's capital in Jail :S

What will happen now there? The thing i worry too is that outside Bolivia people can't really understand what is happening there because the president tries to confuse them saying only rich people are against him when the true is that people is fighting this dictatorship. 5 of 9 cities in Bolivia want autonomy and they had votations for that, people decided this and even that Evo Morales doesn't wanna accept what the town have decided for their future :( , this is not democracy anymore, this is dictatorship. I wrote this to make a bit clear the real situation in my Bolivia.

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May 26, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your troubles, I was in Bolivia, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz. From 2002 to 2004. The People (La Gente) were wonderful people. I know things change, but I will never forget the wonderful experience I had living in Bolivia. I would retire in Santa Cruz, but my wife refuses to leave our home in California.

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