Moving overseas for work or because of your spouses job?

by Heather Markel
(Culture Transition Coach)

If you're embarking on a work experience overseas, or you're the trailing spouse following someone taking that step, you're in for many changes. If you're not prepared, you could end up feeling like you don't fit in at the office, can't find meaningful work, and that your relocation was a huge mistake.

If you move overseas and assume that your office, your colleagues, and "office politics" will be the same as your current office, you're in for a shock that could leave you packing your bags, and costing you emotional distress, financial loss, and unhappiness.

The Professional Success Method e-book will help you understand some of the biggest changes to expect, and some of the smaller ones you probably haven't thought of that will tend to have a huge impact on your professional success after you relocate.

Click here to learn more about the invaluable resources and strategies I've designed to help you settle in to a new job, beyond the information of a typical Cross-Cultural Training. (The Professional Success Method is a Level 2 e-book in the overall Relocation Success System I've designed for you):

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