Moving abroad? 10 steps to ensuring your personal success

by Heather Markel
(Culture Transition Coach)

If you're moving or you've already relocated, then you've probably spent a lot of time packing, taking care of all the logistics of leases, bank accounts, etc. All of this is a normal place to focus, and tends to be where all our attention goes, especially during the final stages of a move.

The problem is, after you move, and finish unpacking, you're faced with the mundane reality of your every day life. Without preparing for this, you could end up feeling lonely, frustrated, and unhappy enough to pack your bags and return home.

If you're lucky enough to get any Cross Cultural Training, this program will help you pick up where they leave off - a fantastic wealth of information to help you settle in, giving you resources and strategies that will be useful for months.

If you want to learn how to adapt to a new city, find activities you love, and more, click here to learn about the Personal Relocation Success Method (it's a Level 2 e-book, and part of the overall Relocation Success System I've designed for you):

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