Mother of Pearl

by Charisma Bolivia
(Handmade in Bolivia - Ships from Fresno, California)

Nacre is the beautiful, smooth material that coats the inside of abalone and other mollusk shells. Both an organic and inorganic material, it is also the outer coating found on pearls and is produced by a substance secreted by shelled fish.

Due to its iridescent, opal-like or pearly colors, it is often called “Sea Opal” or “Mother of Pearl”. In its natural state it has a blue, green, pink, purple, yellow orange or white sheen. The deeper, brighter, more uniform colors often found in jewelry, such as fuchsia or purple, result when the nacre is dyed. Most nacre used in jewelry comes from abalone shells. Abalone, from the Spanish word “aulone”, is prized for the beauty of its shell.

Since mollusks often have to abandon their shells as they grown out of them, all shells are thought to represent unlimited growth in life. Some believe they also help expand the mind. Crystal healers believe mother of pearl promotes a sense of calmness, stimulates creativity, and protects the wearer when faced by the uncooperative attitudes of others. In some cultures, it is ground into a powder and taken by those who suffer from calcium deficiencies. It is thought to be helpful in healing problems with joints, bones and muscles.

Others belief mother of pearl is the gemstone of Protection, more specifically, a mother’s love and it is often given as a Mother’s Day gift. It is also believed to balance the nerves and deflect negative energy. It reduces stress and strengthens the heart. While not a stone, mother of pearl is used in Charisma Bolivia jewelry because it is a naturally produced material.

The mother of pearl used in Charisma Bolivia jewelry is imported from neighboring countries, but primarily Brazil, as Bolivia is a landlocked country.

Charisma Bolivia jewelry is handcrafted by artisans in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I then bring our collections back to the U.S.A. where I place them in our online store. All orders are mailed worldwide from California. I invite you to watch the slideshow below.

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