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by Zamira

Hello, My name is Zamira and I am an SBIer, who visited your site in search of ideas. Your site is so beautiful and interesting. I love the look and feel and the amount of information you have. It's incredible.

I am contacting you because I opened your page on Bolivia News

via Internet Explorer 8 and it looked all messed up. I checked with Firefox and it looks all right there. I don't know if it is something to do with my computer, but I doubt it. So please have a look with IE 8. I checked Bolivia Facts and a few other pages, they are OK. Anyway. Good luck.



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Mar 09, 2010
I checked but I cant see the problem
by: BoliviaBella

Hi! Thanks a lot for your super nice comments and for alerting me to the IE problem. I took a look at my Bolivia news page using IE but on my computer it looks fine, so I wasn't able to reproduce the problem. I'll have to have someone who knows about that stuff take a look at it - I appreciate your letting me know!

Hey and anybody else who finds and reads this message, take a look at Zamira's great website on Kazakhstan!

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