Parque Urbano Los Mangales 2

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Los Mangales 2 is one of Santa Cruz’ newer parks. Until just a 20 years ago the city had very few really good parks, but during the past decade has added several very nice, large outdoor areas where locals and travelers can relax and play.

Los Mangales II City Park - Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Going North on Avenida Beni between the city’s fourth and five concentric rings you’ll come upon this park. It has two children’s playgrounds, many benches and picnic tables (some which have chessboards painted on them), and barbeque pits (churrasquerías) where you can grill your lunch. It also has sand volleyball court and lots and lots of room for the kiddies and grown-up kiddies to run around and expend some energy.

The entire park is shaded by rows of enormous trees called mangales (mango trees, thus its name) and at night is brightly lit with pretty street lamps. It’s a great place to spend a few hours relaxing, people watching, taking a walk, reading, or playing volleyball or soccer. It’s used a lot by locals who live in the area, but it’s only 10 minutes from the city center and well worth taking a break from the traffic and city noise.

It’s called Los Mangales 2 because there is an even larger Los Mangales park on the other side of the city that was built first.

Sidewalk vendors line up outside the entrance (there is no entrance fee, it’s just fenced in for safety) and you can buy often candy, snacks, juices and other beverages, as well as toys and balloons. It’s beautiful during the day or at night.

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