The Legend of the Mule Woman

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Legend of The Mule Woman

In a tiny town lost in the immensity of the Chaco desert, a frightening horseman appeared each Wednesday at midnight, riding a mule that threw fire from its mouth. The man was all clad in black, and laughed with a horrible laughter as he whipped the poor mule to get her to run faster and faster.

Bolivian Myths and Legends - The Mule Woman

Then, a group of brave youngsters decided they had enough and would discover what the horseman was about, so they waited patiently in the dark corners in a street, and when the horseman came riding by, they jumped on him at once, put lassoes around the mule and tripped her to the ground, all feet tied tightly. The horseman disappeared laughing in a cloud smelling of sulphuric acid, leaving the mule to suffer a severe whipping at the hands of the young men, who never stopped to demand for her to tell who she was. Injured and tired, the mule finally gave in, revealing she was Doña Josefina, the local priest’s mistress. She had been turned into a mule by the Devil in punishment for her sinful relationship, she said, and to prove it she regained her human shape. After that, she left town never to return, and there was no sight of the horseman from hell either.

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Bolivian Myths and Legends | Bolivian Traditions | Bolivia for Kids

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