Legend of the Little Man and the Ghost

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Legend of the little man and the ghost

There was once a man called Rolando, whom the townspeople nicknamed El Enano (the dwarf) due to his small stature. He was quite a womanizer and fond of partying and getting drunk every night, and paid little attention to his friend’s pleas for moderation. Fed up from begging him to change his libertine habits, one of his friends, Don Pareja, decided to give him a lesson, one that would scare him so much he would never want to party again.

Bolivian Myths and Legends - The Little Man and the Ghost

Don Pareja covered himself with a white cloth, pretending to look like a ghost, and waited hidden in a dark corner for Rolando to come out of a party. Once the drunken El Enano came by, singing and whistling happily, the ‘ghost’ jumped on him and tried to scare the living light out of him. Futile attempt that was, for Rolando not only was not scared in the least, but decided to defend himself as well. He took out his slingshot and a rain of stones fell on the ‘ghost’.

El Enano demanded to know if the white figure was ‘from this world or the other’, and the ghost, astonished and hurt after many a volley of stones, yelled back ‘from this world, from this world!’ so Rolando would stop stoning him. Next day, the whole town was able to see Don Pareja taking care of his bruises in his house; as for Rolando, he went on with his partying undisturbed.

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Bolivian Myths and Legends | Bolivian Traditions | Bolivia for Kids

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