Learn to fill your life with friends and social opportunities in a new culture

by Heather Markel
(Culture Transition Coach)

Learn the Techniques You Need to Know to Fill Your Life with Friends and Social Opportunities!

Moving to a new place can bring up all sorts of positive and negative feelings. The number one challenge that expats, trailing spouses and domestic relocaters I've spoken to have is making new friends after moving.

It's also the number one reason people want to pack up and go home as soon as possible in failed relocations. Don't underestimate how important, or how challenging, this step is.

There are so many potential obstacles to creating new friends in a new place. Here are just a few to consider:

* language differences
* cultural misunderstandings
* unfamiliar people
* shyness
* different values and backgrounds

I've worked with many expatriates and have watched them go through the same things I did, and have been able to help them avoid all the challenges I did and make friends quickly, rather than flounder for months or even longer.

Though social networks are not created overnight, you can dramatically shorten how long it takes with a core set of strategies, and thus avoid periods of loneliness and isolation!

To fully integrate to a new place, and learn to feel at home, you will need to meet new people, form new friendships, and feel inspired to explore the world around you.

Just outside your door, there are wonderful, and fascinating people you'll have the opportunity to meet. All you have to do is know a few key strategies to get your social network started!

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