La Estancia Restaurant - Cochabamba, Bolivia

by Mick Huerta
(Sopocachi, La Paz Bolivia)

Suculent Surubi

Suculent Surubi

La Estancia in Cochabamba, Bolivia is widely honored and acclaimed as a steakhouse but if you´re seeking pinnacle culinary experiences, the reason for going to this comfy spot just off Plaza Recoleta is the Surubí (South American river fish). Recently, I dined with a Bolivian friend who remarked she´d eaten Surubí all her life and she´d never had better! Succulent off the grill, crisp at the edges and when combined with fried yucca, ample salad bar and Canepa Novisimo Sauvignon Blanc 2009 the experience was world class... looking forward to a repeat performance!

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