La Caballeriza Restaurant Review Santa Cruz, Bolivia

(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

La Caballeriza (which means “the stables”) is a steak house grill located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia that specialized in Bolivian and Argentine beef and wines. You’ll find it just half a block north of the city library (Plaza del Estudiante) on Libertad Street. La Caballeriza has a very modern interior, decorated in deep red woods, straight-lined furnishings, and simple horse-inspired wall art, all encompassed within ceiling-to-floor glass walls and partitions. Surprisingly, La Caballeriza also has a glass-enclosed children’s play area.

The restaurant has four main seating areas. To the right of the entry, behind a willow-stick partition, there are about 10 tables. To the left of the entry (actually practically immediately upon entering the door) there are about 6 tables. These are set right in the entry area and just next to the play area, waiter bar, and salad bar, thus tend to be loud and uncomfortable. Behind the salad bar, and separated by a glass wall that blocks nearly all the noise, the third seating area of the restaurant runs deep and narrow before opening into the fourth room, also partitioned and quiet, which seats up to 50 (this area is also offered for events). The third narrow seating area is most likely the most quiet and pleasant.

La Caballeriza’s menu is simple and good. You can choose from various cuts of grilled beef which, upon ordering, include rice, yucca and French fries and all the salad you can eat. Drinks offered include various national and Argentine wines, beer, natural fruit juices, water, coffee and tea, and sodas. The salad bar has numerous good grilled and steamed vegetables, raw veggies and potato and noodle salads. Entrees include options such as grilled udder (ubre) which we chose out of curiosity and actually enjoyed. There are also several pasta dishes.

The desserts include chocolate cake with ice cream (more like a dense brownie and very good), maracuya mousse (delicious), caramelized flan (very delicious), and lemon pie (which looked delicious but we had to return because it had accidentally been made from curdled milk and was bitter). We opted for a huge jar of iced lemonade which was very refreshing, and a platter of Cuadril for 2 (this is a rather large cut of beef. We shared it among 3 adults and 1 child and still took home about 1/4 pound). The accompanying rice, French fries and yucca were good, and the salad bar was superb. Our only let-down of the meal was the lemon pie.

We visited on a Sunday afternoon at 2 pm (lunch is served until 3:00) and the restaurant was about half full with plenty of families and children, thus we opted for sitting in the quieter narrow third seating section – perfect.

Prices are moderately expensive (for Bolivia) but not too bad really. (There are similar restaurants that cost twice as much). We spent Bs. 255 (about $37 dollars) for 3 adults and 1 child including an entree, 3 desserts, 2 jugs of lemonade and the Cuadril for 2 (which could easily be for 3 and includes all the sides and salads in the price).

Service was quick and efficient. The waiters are friendly without being overbearing. The food was served within 15 minutes of ordering, during which time we enjoyed the salad bar. The manager approached our table once to ask if everything was alright and another manager approached once to give us a card and remind us that they can handle events.

La Caballeriza Parilla is located at Calle Libertad No. 816. This is the street that runs parallel to Avenida Monseñor Rivero between the city library (Plaza del Estudiante) and the Hotel Cortez. Open every day for lunch and dinner. Reserve for events. They also take orders.

Phone: (591-3) 337-8919
Fax: (591-3) 337-8915

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