Kiwis Cafe Restaurant Rocks!

Aaron Patton - Owner of Kiwi's Café Restaurant

Aaron Patton - Owner of Kiwi's Café Restaurant

Kiwi's Café Restaurant rocks! The food is delicious, the service is great, and owner Aaron Patton, from New Zealand, is a really gracious and lovely person. The interior decor is eclectic and interesting, spacious and warm, good music, nice lighting, plenty of space, not too noisy. Kudos to Chef Paul for the awesome, super authentic buffalo wings, peanut soup, picante de pollo, taco salads, Aztec wrap and more.

Kiwi's accommodated our 25+ expat group on a Saturday at lunch time. Now, to put things into perspective, this was one of the Expat Meets that we organize through the site (we hold them monthly at a different place each time - sign up to come next time) and one of the purposes of our Expat Meets is for foreigners from all over the world who are living in Santa Cruz to get to know each other.

Kiwi's had just opened it's new locale five days beforehand. No problem.

Our large group descended on Kiwi's almost all at once. No problem.

In addition, we encourage people to mingle. So we constantly changed tables as the waiters were taking our orders (sorry guys). But still, no problem.

Some of us had kids (kids + restaurants = ugh). No problem. Cartoons on the flat screen TV in the enclosed dining area were a hit!

Our group included people from the US, Canada, Chile, Peru, Holland, England, Turkey, Serbia... no problem! There was something on the menu to satisfy everybody. No small feat.

I KNOW this had to have caused them a lot of extra work and a struggle to avoid confusion - but through it all Aaron, Paul and the staff were total troopers and made our entire experience really really fun!!!

I don't usually enter my opinions on our hotel and restaurant reviews because these are for YOU our website visitors to use - and anyways, you get enough of my opinions about things all over the website every day! But I just had to take a moment to let Kiwi's know we're really really grateful for the wonderful attention they gave to our group.

You can find Kiwi's just 2 blocks from the main plaza in Santa Cruz, Bolivia at Calle Bolivar No. 208. It's really worth stopping in here for a meal, drinks, coffee or dessert. They've got a varied menu that can accommodate anyone's tastes. I totally recommend it.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaron, Paul and everyone!!!

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