Issue of my Bolivia visa

by Kester

Hi all, I was planning to go to Bolivia on 4/22/11 and my visa got granted on 4/21/11 with one month validity. However, my visa application agent didn't receive the visa from Bolivia consulate till 4/25/11. Because this date has passed, I will need to reschedule my vacation with my employer and I will not be able to travel now until after the 6/17/11.

I was requesting and hoping that the consulate in Los Angeles office would extend my visa validity, from one (1) month to two (2) months, in order for me to visit the country. I provided my new itinerary, as requested, for his/ her consideration too. To my surprise, the answer I got is that I "will not" meet any problem to enter Bolivia on June 17 (my new schedule), even if by that time my visa will be invalid (it will expire on 5/21/11). The consulate guaranteed me and he even provide me his contact number in case if something happen.

My question here is "Is it true that I can enter the country even the visa is invalid?"

"If it's true, then what is the validity of visa for?"

It really makes no sense to me and I don't want to take a chance to book the flight and hotel stuffs then got rejected from entry at the Bolivia custom. I even am willing to re-apply the visa but the consulate just said "You don't need to do that you will be fine."

I'm really frustrated about this.
Any idea?

Thank you all

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May 03, 2011
One month visa?
by: TallCowboy0614

How did you end up with a one-month visa? I got mine just this past August (2010) and it is good for 5 YEARS. I can spend up to 90 days a year there each year during this time period.

I got mine at the Bolivian Consulate in downtown L.A. also (I love those ladies in that office - so friendly and helpful).

I am pretty sure you need a valid visa to enter the country, but it is an option to purchase one when you land there also. Maybe that is why they said you will not have a problem entering the country. Unless you forget to bring the fee ;)

Apr 29, 2011
get it in writing
by: Anonymous

Option 1:
Tell the consulate that you really appreciate their patience with your questions, etc. but that you still don't feel comfortable re-purchasing your tickets etc. without having something in writing that would guarantee your current (soon-to-be outdated) visa will be valid and accepted. Ask would he/she mind PLEASE giving you that in writing?

Option 2:
Get a 2nd and 3rd opinion from two other Bolivian consulates, one definitely being the Bolivian Consulate in Washington, D.C.

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