Is Bolivia Becoming Less Attractive to Foreign Investors?

31 Aug. 2012: The Globe and Mail published an interesting perspective today on Bolivia's diminishing attractiveness to foreign investors, in this case, specifically in mining ventures.

"The nationalization was the first in a stream of setbacks for foreign miners operating in the landlocked Andean nation." The article points to several cases of mining concessions that had been given to foreign companies and were then nationalized, as well as the recent case of Jindal Steel, which received a high degree of international media coverage.

While foreign investment is either slowing, or being turned away by the Bolivian government itself, "Bolivia is unlikely to feel an immediate impact from declining foreign investment, as rising prices have ensured the government strong revenue flows in recent years..."

The article also mentions the current government's possible plans to recover other privatized industries, and the belief, among some in Bolivia, that privatization was damaging to the country. You can read the full article here.

It's an interesting article for anyone potentially considering investing in Bolivia, whether in mining or in any other industry. Is Bolivia becoming less attractive to foreign investors? And in what ways?

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Aug 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

As much as there are skills and talent, the myopic view is killing the huge potential that this country has, not only in natural resources but in IT and other areas.

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