I'm Considering Retiring in Bolivia

by jim griffis
(Ton San, TH)

I'm an expat Texan presently mostly retired in Thailand. I've been here for 11 years. I have worked, lived and traveled internationally for my entire life. Bolivia is now on my radar as a possible destination. I always saw myself living at a high altitude south of the equator. I've

I have a couple of question I have been unable to find answers for online.

I receive Social Security and because Bangkok Bank has a branch in NYC I am able to make a simple ACH transfer to my Thai bank easily and cheaply. How can this be done in Bolivia?

Secondly I have an ostomy and am able to order the same brand of supplies at local pharmacies here as I receive from the VA in the US. Will that be possible in Bolivia?

Nothing firm yet but I'm looking at Sucre or Cochabamba at least initially if that is relevant to my queries.


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