I'd love to live in Cochabamba

by Tiana

Hi. Love your site. I was born in the USA and I would like to live in Cochabamba. Is that possible and if so what are the steps I should take?

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Nov 01, 2011

Hi, My name is Oscar and I was born in Bolivia, however; I live in the US for the past 25 years.
Your question raised a curiousity with me, as you, my own son has the same desire and is going to live in my old country next week, he was born in California, 24 years old, college degree, US Army, but is leaving everything for perhaps going and trying to find his own self or just for the curiosity of seeing with his own eyes what was my old country, well; let me tell you this; Bolivia as a whole is wonderful, beautiful and so different from what we know in the USA, the people, culture, costumes, food, music, idisyncracies, believes, politics, liberties and freedoms, laize faires, etc is way different from our great nation of USA.
You need to be 21 years old, US passport with Bolivian Visa, money in your bank account, credit card and better to have somebody there that can help you out with the headstart of your journey, but don't worry, as long as you don't mess with drugs, prostitution, bad boys, pimps, you will be fine and will love the ride. Also, this website'BoliviaBella is the best and most safest place in the entire country, contact them, ask them, follow their advice and you will love Cochabamba and Bolivia.
I wish you the best and have fun.

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