I need information on the train from Guaqui to El Alto, Bolivia

by John Bugler
(London, UK)

Hi. The context of this email is my wife and I, who live in the UK, are planning an organized coach tour of Bolivia later this year, the tour finishing in La Paz. We’d like to extend our tour by:

* flying to Cusco in Peru from La Paz;
* and then visiting Machu Picchu;
* and then catching the Andean Explorer from Cusco to Puno;
* and then catching the ferry from Puno across Lake Titicata to Guaqui;
* and then catching the train from Guaqui to El Alto;
* and then flying back to the UK from La Paz.

In spite of searching on the internet, I’m having difficulty determining how often the train runs from Guaqui to El Alto, what time it leaves Guaqui, how long the journey is etc..

Can anyone help?


John Bugler

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