I love you Santa Cruz...

by tom
(Washington DC)

I've been reading some negative posts about Santa Cruz lately, and I thought I'd set the record straight.

I was in SC in November 2010 for one week as a tourist, and it was my first visit. I fell in love with the city, climate, people and food. The city has so much to offer tourists. The best way to explore the city is by foot. A must is to see the Main Plaza at night with the Cathedral all light up. Amazing. The people I found were very welcoming and kind. I made a few friends while visiting SC, especially my taxi driver who turned out to be the best tour guide I ever had. He so concerned that I was having a good time, and he would always recommend places to visit. He should give up being a driver and open his own tour company for SC. If you like warm and hot weather, SC is the place. The vegetation is incredible: beautiful trees and flowers all over the city. It is a fast growing city I could tell, and I hope it doesn't change too much because I will return next year for another memorable visit. I have wonderful memories of SC; you just have to get out there and explore the wonderful city!!

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