I Love Bolivia

by Allie

This past summer I spent 2 weeks in La Paz and Copacabana and Los Yungas. I have to say it was literally the best 2 weeks of my life. Not one part of me was ready to come home and every part of me wants to go back. It's just beautiful there, I love their culture and I met so many great people and made great new friends! Fortunately I still communicate with them quite often through Facebook and Skype video chat. But I love this website! Brings back so many wonderful memories! A part of my heart will always belong to Bolivia.

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Aug 20, 2013
5 favorite things about Bolivia
by: Allison

5 favorite things? Hmmm hard question. Number 1, however is definitely the people. They are all so nice and hospitable. I became very close to so many of them! 2 I'm gonna go with the scenery. It's so beautiful with the mountains and lake titicaca is stunning. 3: ok this might sound silly but the llamas and alpacas. I love them! I bought a stuffed alpaca with real alpaca fur and I'm super obsessed with it! 4: the Spanish language. It's such a beautiful language and I loved experimenting with it and learning it. And 5: would be their culture and history in general. They have such an interesting history and they're such a great culture. I long to be in Bolivia! Oh and pictures to come!

Aug 20, 2013
So glad you had a great experience
by: BoliviaBella

Hi Allie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Bolivia and your really nice and sweet comments about the website. Glad you had such a wonderful time here! I would LOVE to hear more about your trip... maybe share some of your photos (credited to you)... what impressed you the most... your 5 favorite things maybe?

Thanks for your awesome message. Keep in touch with Bolivia!


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