I have a pressing question regarding two of the recipes on your website

by Cole Chroman
(San Francisco, CA)

This isn't a tip for your website (which I think is awesome, by the way), but it is urgent, and this is the only way I could find to write a message directly to you. I am doing a school project on Bolivia, for which the rules are such that I need to cook a dish from Bolivia.

I stumbled upon you "Espuma de Mango" recipe, and it caught my interest. However, I have two questions before I make it (I need them answered soon because the fair where our dishes will be one of the things we present is in less than two weeks).

Firstly, I was wondering if there is a substitute for the rum, as no one in my class, including myself, is over 21.

I also have an inquiry regarding the gelatin ingredient. I know that you have another recipe for making cow's foot gelatin, and I wanted to know if it's possible in any way, shape, or form to use the gelatin from that recipe in that of the espuma de mango. Thank you! Please reply as quickly as you can.

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Jul 08, 2016
Sorry we missed you
by: BoliviaBella

I'm sorry to see that we didn't reply to your message on time. We moderate our forums and comment forms on a rotating basis due to the volume of website visitors we receive. The best way to receive a prompt answer from us is to contact us through the "Contact" link at the bottom of our home page.

While I know it's FAR too late for your December event, I do want you to know that we take each message we receive seriously and with appreciation. Maybe you'll try the recipe again in the future, so here are my recommendations.

You could add rum flavoring, which is available in the baking isle of your local grocery store (usually near food coloring, vanilla and other drop-type flavoring liquids).

For the gelatin portion you could use something they make in America called Gel-ease (I think that's the spelling). It's usually found in the Jello isle or the isle where they sell Mason jars for people who make their own marmalade - it's basically unflavored gelatin, but is also used to thicken jelly and jams.

If you're a teacher, I hope you'll use our site again with your students. We're working hard now over the summer (winter in Bolivia) on some great new things for our Bolivia for Kids section... such as games kids/teens can use to learn about Bolivia and some PDF files with Bolivian photos and craft ideas, and more.

My apologies for not having offered the help you needed in a timely manner. We're a small staff but we have a huge website (and hopefully, most of it is helpful to you).

Kricket and Bella

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