I found pecans in Bolivia!

by BoliviaBella.com
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

If you're American and living in Bolivia and you are accustomed to celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas and every day in between with pecan pie, as I am, you're probably looking for pecans desperately all over Bolivia. In Spanish they are called pecanas (pronounced PE-canas) and there is a company that wholesales them. At the time of this writing (17 November 2011) they've told me they have plenty and will gladly overnight them to you anywhere in Bolivia. Just in time for Thanksgiving!

The cost is Bs. 180/kilo (2.2 pounds). You'd email them your order, they'll email you their bank account info, you deposit the money plus shipping and they'll overnight you your pecans from Santa Cruz to any location in Bolivia. Here's the info:

Elizabeth Quisbert Paniagua (owner)
Cellphone: 716-18518
Phone: 350-7075 (central office in Santa Cruz)
Email: agrofrutosasael@hotmail.com
Email: elizabethquisbertp@yahoo.es
Address: Avenida La Colorada 5to Anillo No. 5065

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