how much?

by jesse

how much would it be to buy a house in Bolivia?

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Oct 24, 2010
Cost of Houses in Bolivia
by: Anonymous

Housing costs vary greatly between regions of Bolivia, tending to be more expensive in the three largest cities: La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. Of these, Santa Cruz is more expensive, then La Paz, then Cochabamba. Cities like Tarija and Trinidad, Sucre and Potosí are much less expensive.

Within a city or region housing costs vary greatly too. Like anywhere in the world, what determines this is mostly location, but in Bolivia, there are no zoning laws, so this doesn't always apply.

Generally speaking new gated communities are somewhat expensive, but older traditional "money" or "upper class" neighborhoods are the most expensive option, gated or not. Central areas of cities tend to cost more than outlying areas, but you really will find a confusing mix in any Bolivian city.

So, having said all that, you can find nice 2-3 bedroom homes brand new for $50K or $250K. You can find big 4-5 bedroom homes for $100K or $1 million. But as an average, you can find a pretty nice home 2-4 bedrooms in a nice area of town for $80-200K and not regret it.

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