How closed-minded can you get ??

These people are stuck in a horrible existence. This offers some money for them and a fascinating experience for the tourists - what's the problem ? It's a win-win. You keep going on about "It's Illegal" - so is jay-walking but no one ever gets busted for it. Are you aware of even one of these tourists that have been arrested for taking the "illegal" tour ? Don't try a scare tactic when there is nothing to fear.

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Apr 10, 2012
how wrong can you get?
by: Anonymous

Firstly, closed-mindedness refers to someone who does not want to listen to all the arguments on both sides and chooses to make up their mind without them.

Bella has spent about half of her life in Bolivia and has heard all arguments over and over again. She doesn't like the prison tours and explains her reasoning behind this.

I don't think that the prisoners' existence is particularly "horrible" given that we are talking about a jail.

The people I feel really sorry for are the innocent wives who are live with their jailbird husbands.

Do you really think that the money from the tours is divided up amongst the prisoners according to need? No, it will be divided up according to who is biggest and can shout the loudest.

When you enter the jail you will be paying a "bribe" to the police who guard the gates, thus feeding that nasty system and the culture of corruption.

The tours are illegal and about a year or so back the authorities made their point and deported a group of backpackers who had done the tour. Their passports were stamped as deported and banned from Bolivia for 3 months.

For me, the worst thing about the tour (I did one, and yes it is fascinating but I fought with my conscience every step of the way) is that it seems to be a stop on the route of the IDIOTIC "cocaine tourists" who will also visit Route 36 (notorious cocaine cafe in La Paz).

The tour is not something to be taken lightly.

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