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Use this list of hotels in Cobija, Bolivia to find the best Cobija Bolivia hotels for your needs! Cobija is a small, but growing city in the far northern Bolivian state of Pando, just across the river from Brazil. You'll hear Portuguese here as often as Spanish as there is a bustling trade between countries at this border point. There are few luxury hotels here, but plenty of options for accommodations. If you’ve already found a hotel or hostel you love, tell us in our Bolivia Hotel Review.

Bolivian hotels are kind of “all over the place” when it comes to listing themselves on booking sites so that you can make reservations online. You’ll find almost all of the 4 and 5 star hotels in Bolivia on most of the major hotel reservation websites that are well-known worldwide. But smaller Bolivian hotels aren’t as organized about their online presence. They are more likely to be on Tripadvisor, which has become very well-known in the Bolivian hospitality industry by word of mouth. Below is a list of hotels in Cobija.

Hotels and accommodations in Cobija, Pando, Bolivia

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Hotel Abuna
Av. 16 de Julio
Cobija, PANDO
Tel: (591-3) 842-0266
Mobile: (591) 729-25559

Hotel Estrella del Norte
Calle Conavi #48 casi Miguel Farah
Cobija, PANDO
Tel: (591-3) 842-2113
Mobile: (591) 729-15831

Hotel Avenida Solei
Av. 9 de Febrero #205 esq. Otto Felipe Braun
Cobija, PANDO
Tel: (591-3) 842-2108 or 842-2592
Fax: (591-3) 842-3665

Hotel Solar de Bahia
Calle Otto Felipe Brown across from the market
Cobija, PANDO
Tel: (591-3) 842-2379 or 842-3804
Mobile: (591) 676-60348

Hotel El Cristo
Av. 9 de Febrero, across from Plaza El Cristo
Cobija, PANDO
Tel: (591-3) 842-0132
Mobile: (591) 729-36475

Hotel Victoria Cobija
6 de Agosto Avenue No. 842
Corner of Lucio Montero street
Cobija, Pando
Tel/Fax: (591-3) 842-3553
Mobile: (591) 729-16823

Hotel Nanijos
Av. 9 de Febrero #147
Cobija, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 842-2230

Hostal Benquique
Av. 9 de Febrero #166
Cobija, Bolivia
Mobile: (591) 725-83766 or 751-11858

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