Hmmm ... does the book / film "Marching Powder" put children at risk?

by Carl

I guess for me Bolivia has its own unique logic ... in as much as the country is SO poor that it isn't surprising that everyone is corrupt and are desperately trying to scrape together enough money to escape poverty.

So I can almost ... forgive underpaid prison guards who allow the tours to take place in return for a small bribe.

But what of Rusty Young and Thomas McFadden ... and the book they co-wrote ... and the movie that is to come? I am less forgiving of them ... as surely they understood the full impact their publication would have for those who remained living in the prison.

In particular the children.

Yes I realize that it is tragic that the children (and wives) of inmates are forced to live inside the prison ... but what will happen if they are forcibly removed? Who will look after them then? And to be honest: the children look happy ... have lots of friends ... and have the love and support of their mothers and fathers.

The book is well written and fascinating ... I was given my copy by a backpacker I was travelling with in Cambodia ... I guess I would have liked it a lot more if the profits from both book (and forthcoming film) went towards helping the children in some way.

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Jan 16, 2015
by: Paul Danielson

There is no reason for wives and children to live in prison. People the world over live just fine when father's go to prison. Prison is prison and is not for kids. I can see no reason for the kids nor spouse To be there. Maybe they are better off without the dad.

...and this is coming from a guy who has been there, done that.

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