Health food supplements in Bolivia

by Laurie D
(Aspen, Colorado, USA)

My husband and I have been to Bolivia several times and are planning a move there. My Question: Is there a good place to purchase vitamins and supplements in the Santa Cruz area, or is there a way to order them from out of country? Thanks, Laurie

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Hi Laurie. Pharmacies here are well stocked with both Bolivian pharmaceuticals and many, many imported products. However, if there are any specific supplements you use that you can't find here, you may be able to arrange with a pharmacy to try to import what you need. You might try the Gutierrez, Santa Maria, or Telchi pharmacies or Pharmacorp. One of our largest grocery stores, the Hipermaxi, has its own line of pharmacies now and that's another possibility. I know with specific imported grocery items they've always been willing to place an order for me.

I'm not exactly sure, but as an individual you personally would most likely not be able to import products, although it's a little difficult to say without knowing exactly which supplements you are referring to.

There are companies here that import products from the US, Europe, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries. Herbalife products are especially popular here, just as an example.

There are also many natural and organic products here in Bolivia that are sold over the counter and in specialty stores such as Naturalia.

My suggestion would be that if you do end up needing to have supplements sent to you, you get a doctor's prescription for them - even if they aren't prescription medicines. That would perhaps make it easier to get them through customs.

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Dec 18, 2009
thanks for taking the time to answer
by: Laurie D

THanks- There is a lot of info in your response. When I get back to Bolivia and have a chace to apply it I let you know what works best.

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