Having a baby in Bolivia

by Anonymous
(La Paz, Bolivia)

Well, I am a foreign citizen, my husband is Bolivian and we are here waiting to get his Residency. Thing is I am extremely illegal, as are our 3 children, the lawyer we hired to fix everything well has had our passports for 18+ months. I am pregnant and just found out we are having a boy. Trying to figure how I am going to obtain a birth certificate seeing as thus far I am still illegal and do not know if the situation will be fixed come Feb when they will be scheduling my c-section. I am also worried of course about the dual citizenship, because of Bolivian voting and military laws. My husband said that wealthy families have always been able to buy out of the military requirement. I was wondering if this is true because we do not want to do anything that will jeopardize his maternal Citizenship. Is it true that if he wants to renounce his citizenship when he is older that he can? Personally if we could afford for me to go back to my country to have the baby I would as it is my 5th c-section, have had previous complications during deliveries, and I am a bit terrified of the hospitals that I have seen here in La Paz. It comes down to the fact that we live on Bolivian wages (I do not speak Spanish) and have 3 children to support here. I love Bolivia in whole though I also despise the hardships that we have faced in the 4 years since my husband was deported from my country. I know I am having the baby here and I am ok with that. I am just wondering how am I going to get a birth certificate when again I am illegal.

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