Have never been to Bolivia!

by DeWayne
(Nevada, US)

What are the nicest places to live?

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Jan 09, 2013
Visit Bolivia and decide if it is for you.
by: Uncle Darrell

It is almost impossible to describe Bolivia to someone who has never visited here. It has a little of everything but also void of many things we take for granted. First off there is no McDonalds. If you get a Big Mac Attack plan on crossing international borders. I took a 42 hour bus ride to Chile for a Big Mac. Many supermarkets carry only a limited and sporadic supply of US products. I found corned beef hash in a supermarket once and bought one can. I went back and all were gone and I haven't seen it since in three years. Now when I find products I like I buy the whole lot because you may never see it again. There is no work here so unless your retired or wealthy you won't survive. My best recommendation is come on a tourist visit, stay three months travel around the country and see if you want to live here. Bolivia is not a place to live but a way of life. I can't imagine returning to the US after living here for over three years.

Jun 27, 2011
something for everyone!
by: Anonymous

Bolivia is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world.

La Paz is fascinating and enjoys a stunning setting but the altitude causes health problems for some. There is also a lot of political activism which can cause disruption.

Santa Cruz is friendly and yes, very hot and humid during the summer months.

Cochabamba has a climate that is more spring-like, and Tarija a more Mediterrean climate.

Uyuni is fascinating to visit but I can't imagine living there - the altitude and the cold make life very difficult.

Before you even think of uprooting your life permanently, come to visit! There is so much to see and do!

Jun 16, 2011
For those that have never been to Bolivia
by: Anonymous

Cochabamba is the best place for Food and Friendship and cheap travel.

Sucre is very antique and beautiful.

Uyuni (salt flats) is great also.

santa Cruz great for the heat.

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