Going to Sucre. What should we check out there?

We're going to Sucre in July to cover all the best hotels, restaurants and attractions! As you know, BoliviaBella is a highly trusted site because we research everything personally! Have you got any cool secrets about Sucre we should check out? Post below.

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Jun 25, 2011
Things I love about Sucre... there are too many
by: Ana

1) Hostal de su Merced. A family home converted to a boutique hotel. At first I love it because of its beauty, there are no better views in the city or anywhere. The rooms were super clean and everything was so professional... but as the weeks went by (we stayed over 2 months) I loved it because of the people, professional but way beyond the call of duty. They offered me a "banera" for my child, toys, and for buffet breakfast always had a highchair waiting for him. The restaurant is very simple (lunch, dinner, tea...), but its made fresh and they are great about making modifications for you (low salt, no papayas, extra potatoes...). The menu is also in spanish, english, and french. I got sick when i was in Sucre and the food was perfect. The biggest plus to eating there is that you can ask to eat on the upstairs terrace .... WOW. Really WOW.

Back to the rooms, each is unique and the staff will modify per your request (two twins or a full), there are rooms that can be joined, the staff will do everything to make you comfortable. AMAZING Staff. Best of all is the owner Carmen.... she personally writes back to all emails, usually in a day...she is fluent in English and German too....AMAZING. and a great person. They helped find a home, furnish it, get a maid, what to shop for, where, and made everything easier.

2) Things to do:

ORIGENES - a folklore dance ensemble on calle Azurduy ... Really professional and beautiful. Usually there were two showings are at night and offered drinks and/or dinner (limited menu but always a typical plate and a more international option) the dances are from all regions of bolivia and .... just go ... its worth it.

Textile Museum. what can be more boring than a museum ... textile museum....NOPE. its a wonderful museum that describes the history and evolution of the complex textiles of the area... also on the top floor there are women weaving...and its amazing because there are no patterns they just get inspired and do it.

JoyRide - professional and multilingual options... horseback riding, hikes, walks,....everything. Had a few friends do this and they loved it. very professional and good english.

Plaza 25 mayo - very pretty and there is the casa de independencia which is a historical must. "el grito" de independencia was screamed here... good english tours (did both spanish and english) good guides.

Church of Su Merced - old and in bad state (careful with Kristoffer), but amazing to see how elaborate and beautiful....and the view.

El Mirador - go and have coffee there too.

Jun 23, 2011
Convento de San Felipe de Neri rooftop
by: Madja

It is not some big secret, but unless someone tells you about it you can easily miss it... one of my favorite places in Sucre is the rooftop of the Convento de San Felipe de Neri... just a block (or 2 at most) away from the Plaza (and the Joyride Cafe), down the road, on the right, you will find a closed door... ring the bell and ask to go up to the rooftop...

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